NSW Speedcar Club Recognises and Rewards Young Talent

Posted by NSWSKC on 4 April 2011

This Saturday night at Tyrepower Sydney Speedway, the time honoured NSW Speedcar Club, in conjunction with the NSW Speedway Kart Club, will reward one young driver from the Kart Club with his first taste of speedcar racing.

Last year, the Speedcar Club approached the Kart Club with a programme called

“The Speedcar Top Gun Challenge” which would identify talented drivers and give one of them an opportunity to experience the thrill of racing a speedcar.

The programme set out criteria for young drivers to meet throughout their racing season and took in many facets of the sport including how the driver presented himself and his race team both on and off the track, how the driver promoted himself throughout the year and also his driving ability.

All these assets were important to the Speedcar Club as part of promoting the complete package and rewarding the winner for his or her efforts.

The popular 2010 winner was announced at the Kart Club’s gala end-of-season presentation night in front of 300 people by Speedcar Club representatives, Anthony and Ken Brien.

The fantastic opportunity was awarded to 18year old Michael Jordan and it topped off what was a great year for him.  As well as winning the Speedcar Top Gun Challenge, Michael won the award for the 2010 Most Improved Senior Driver, was the 2010 Clubman Light Champion, placed 3rd in the 2010 Overall Club Championship and was a member of the winning Premier League Team, the Benson Bandits.

Such has been the success of the programme, the Speedcar Club last week announced that they will again run it throughout the 2011 kart season to indentify another driver who will be given the chance to experience this wonderful and generous offer put together by members of their Club.

The members of the New South Wales Speedway Kart Club would like to acknowledge and thank all the members from the Speedcar Club who have been involved in making this award possible.  To have such an honourable club as the Speedcar Club involved with the future talent of the sport is invaluable.

Speedcar Top Gun Challenge