Statewide Forklifts Round 4

Posted by on 30 May 2016

Our Statewide Forklifts Round 4 of the Club Championship at Kurri ended up being quite a success despite inclement weather at the start of the day. This was the club's first shot at running a twilight meeting. We were finished racing by 8pm which certainly was within our expectations. Big thanks to Peter Campton and his team plus all of our club's volunteers and the officials at the meeting. Also huge thanks to our sponsor Steve Pacchiarotta and Statewide Forklifts.

Results f...or the meeting were as follows:

Cadet 9:
KA - 1st Luke Angilley, 2nd Mark Angilley
Comer - 1st Kaylan Styles, 2nd Leah Kelly, 3rd Dylan Kelly

Cadet 12:
KA - 1st James Angilley, 2nd Max Bevan
J's - 1st Rhys Birkett, 2nd Nathan Thompson, 3rd Joel Buettel

Junior Combined
KA - 1st Chloe Angilley, 2nd Holly Cady
J's - 1st Andrew Sayre, 2nd Brayden Shute, 3rd Caitlin Genner

KA3 Senior Light
1st Peter King, 2nd Chris McCarthy, 3rd Makayhla Lavallee

KA3 Senior Heavy
1st Matt Elliott, 2nd Zac Pacchiarotta, 3rd Wayne Baines

KA3 Senior Super Heavy
1st Phil Farrow, 2nd Tony Bal, 3rd Tim Baker

KT Modified Combined
1st Brittany Hickey, Joel Robertson, Donald Stevens

Congratulations to all our placegetters and to all the competitors who ventured up to Kurri.