Have a go at Speedway Karting and get hooked

During each season the NSWSKC conducts Have-a-go  days for people thinking of getting into racing karts.

This gives people the opportunity to experience speedway karting in competition karts usually lent by club members before they need to commit to the purchase of expensive equipment.


Have-a-go days are run under strict controls to ensure your experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Participation in these days are  strictly by pre-booking only, so if you would like to find out more about it or would like to book in, please contact either our President or Secretary their details can be found in our contact us menu .

The cost is $30 per person. If you become a Member of our Club, this amount will be discounted off your Membership Fee. (Only up to the value of the current Membership Fee)

Gates open at 7am and we ask that all participants be at the track by no later than 8am unless previous arrangements have been made.

Guidelines for Have-a-Go

Strict adherence to the following guidelines are a requirement of participating in a Have-a-go Day. Participation will be denied for any breaches of the guidelines.

  1. Participation is by pre booking with the NSWSKC President or Secretary only.
  2. The NSWSKC  may provide equipment for the use of participants who do not have any , however it is preferred if.
  3. Participants will be under the control and guidance at all times of the AKA Clerk of Course.
  4. Reckless behavior on or off the track will not be accepted under any conditions.
  5. Failure to obey the instructions of Officials or of any of the Guidelines as listed WILL result in the immediate removal from participation for the remainder of the event and possible refusal of future participation.
  6. AKA Officials must supervise all activities.
  7. Drivers of the age 7-10 years are restricted to karts complying with the Midget Class.
  8. Drivers of the age 11-12 years are restricted to karts complying with the Rookie Class.
  9. All other Drivers are restricted to either a Endurance Kart as defined for use in Chapter 51 or  Yamaha 100cc motors, specifically, the Yamaha "J", Yamaha KT100S and Yamaha SEC engines. These motors must conform to their chapter in the current AKA manual. Any other motor will need to be of equal or less performance and be homologated with the AKA.
  10. Seniors and Juniors are not to be on the track at any one time. Midgets/Rookies can be combined.
  11. AKA licensed drivers are not permitted on the track at the same time as non-licensed drivers.
  12. Drivers must be given a briefing on safety (including flags) immediately prior to the start of the race or promotion.
  13. Drivers must wear race suits, properly fitted helmets, gloves and appropriate footwear.
  14. Drivers must read / have explained the wording of the Indemnity on the form provided, and then acknowledging the terms and conditions, must sign the document.
  15. If a driver is under 18 years of age, the driver and guardian must sign both the Attendance Sheet and Driver Waiver Form.
  16. Karts are to be at staggered intervals around the track.
  17. NOTE:   There is no cover under AKA's Personal Accident Policy for non-licensed drivers.