About Us


The NSW Speedway Kart Club was formed in 1991 by a group of speedway enthusiasts who were looking for a cost effective alternative to experience the thrills of speedway racing. The first meeting was held at Fairbairn Park near Canberra in March 1991 and held several other “social” meetings at venues that included Picton and Fairfield Showground.

Aerial shot of the track

Aerial shot of the track.

In 1992 the club became affiliated with the AKA (now KA the controlling body of karting) and is recognised with its own chapter in the KA Manual to accommodate the rule and specification variations required, with speedway being somewhat different to sprint kart racing.

In 1994 the growth in “family” participation saw the introduction of both Midget and Rookie classes allowing children from ages 7 to 12 to compete, many of these were from speedway families becoming second / third generation drivers.

For many of the early years, the club members were a group of “nomads” with no permanent home track and traveled to many different venues through the season. Tracks used included Fairbairn Park, Newcastle, Nepean, Goulburn, Gosford and Parramatta to name but a few.

In 2002 the club made the strategic move to develop Nepean Raceway as “home” and with support from Nepean Motorsport Club, build two new “speedway specific” tracks at the venue in order to provide improved spectator viewing and better racing.

Since that time the club membership has grown considerably to be not only the driving force of speedway karting, but to be the training ground for many of speedway stars seen regularly at Valvoline Raceway and other venues in many divisions of speedway.


A visit to any meeting, or search through the history books reveal a “who’s who” of well known speedway families and drivers who are, or have been, associated with the NSW Speedway Kart Club.

Some of these well known speedway families include such names as:

Dumesny, Cunneen, Briton, Middlemass, Jackson, Hopping, Bellbowen, Brazier, Linigen, Rush, Genner, Foyle, Bright, Madsen, Darley, Smee, Richards, Brown, Wray and Seckold to name but a few.

Drivers currently racing “main stream” speedway who have competed with the club (some from a very early age) include:

(i) Sprintcars:

Ian Louden, Mitch Dumesney, Roddy Bellbowen, Kelly Linigen, Daniel Needham, Sam Walsh, Glen Saville, Ian Madsen, Rod Bright, Warren Furguson, Steve Rhind, Jamie Mattherson, Daniel Vassell, Brad Stacey and not forgetting of course the late Scott Darley.

(ii) Speedcars:

Tim Evans, Jeremy Evans, Anthony Brien, Nathan Smee, Rod Bright.

(iii) Lightning Sprints:

Matt Geering, Andrew “Scarey” Johnson, David Raw, Matt Reed, Paul Bevan.

(iv) Wingless Sprints:

Nathan Bailey, Troy Tozer, Brian Briton, Geoff Piekar, Nikki Briton

(v) Compacts

Rob Eyeington, Gavin Wesble, Jeremy Evans, Craig Hickey

(vi) Legends

Glen Philpott, Nathan Camileri, Brad Giffen


Add to these the names some of those who no longer race but have been associated with the club and it is clear to see the role it has played, in providing a “pipeline” of speedway drivers.

J J Minneef, Querita Bennett, Ann -Marie Rogers, Ann Marie McCombe,  Billy Roberts, David Hopping, Lee walker, Nathan Moreau, Kevin Herman, Peter Robinson, Bob Jackson, Tony Baird, Brian Briton plus the late Ash Smith and Peter Horne.

The future of speedway (especially in Sydney) looks bright with a new group of drivers ready to move up into one of the many speedway divisions available to them in coming years.

For any more information please contact our Club President Brad Cunneen on 0419 636 336.